Do I need a consent letter to travel with my child? 

As parents plan for trips this summer, especially trips outside of Canada, an important consideration is the preparation of a consent letter. A consent letter states:

  • who may travel with a child,
  • where the specified person may travel with the child, and
  • the dates in which travel with the child is permitted.

Consent letters are not mandatory but are suggested to prevent delays or the refusal to enter or exit a country. A consent letter should be signed by each parent who is not accompanying the child on the trip whenever the child travels. Parents should acquire consent letters until the child reaches the age of majority. Consent letters can be witnessed by anyone who has attained the age of majority however to ensure authenticity of the consent letter it is strongly recommended that it be certified by a lawyer or notary. For more information visit:

For more information, contact Megan Amanda McLeod at Pearce Schneiderat 250-492-0907.