Travel Advice For Entry Into the USA

If you have a criminal record or have been “red flagged” at any USA border crossing you may not be allowed entry into the US. The Immigration and Nationality Act stipulates a number of crimes involving moral turpitude which may deem you inadmissible to enter.  To avoid any surprises at border crossings you can apply for a waiver to enter the US.

The factors which are considered in such applications come from a 1978 immigration court case decision in the Matter of Hranka and include:

  • the risk of harm to society if a waiver application is admitted;
  • the seriousness of an applicant’s prior record, if any; and
  • the nature of the applicant’s reason for wishing to enter the

While the immigration authorities can deny the waiver for almost any reason, they can just as easily approve a waiver application on discretionary grounds. It is best for a lawyer to pen these arguments on your behalf and increase your chances of success.

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