Land Acquisition Agreements
Options, Agreements for Sale, Right of First Refusal, Easements
Conveyancing and Registration of
Financing Security
Assest Purchase
Share Purhase Agreements
Tax Deferred Rollovers
Environmental Agreements and Indemnities
Strata Property Agreements

Shareholder's Operating Agreements
Management Contracts
Vineyard Leases
Profit-A-Prendre Contracts
Equipment Leases
Grape Supply & Purchase Agreements
Employment Agreements
Wine Club Contracts
Franchise Agreements
Construction Agreements
Indemnity Agreements
Crush Agreements
Marketing Contracts
Strata Bylaws & Application of the Act

Registration of Proprietorship
Incorporation & Extra-provincial Registration
Federal Incorporation Under the CBCA
Trademark Registration

Breach of Contract
Debt Recovery
Negligence Claims
Nuisance & Other Torts
Insurance Claims
Trademark Defence
Personal Injury
Copyright Infringement
Criminal Defence
Family Law